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The services offered by hospitals and nursing units are varied widely in medical services, hotel services, food and other awareness services. This was reflected in the accounting system of the hospital and the treatment unit clearly. Accounting for hospitals and nursing units has become one of the most important accounting applications in the labor market

This program deals with accounting and its applications in the field of hospitals and treatment units. And aims to provide participants with practical experience in the field of accounting hospitals and treatment units.

What Will I Learn?

  • Accounting concepts
  • Common Accounting principles
  • Accounting Cycle
  • Double entry - general ledger - Audit balance - financial statements
  • General accounting system framework for hospitals and medical units
  • Financial accounting system in hospitals and medical units
  • Sources of external funds Accounting in hospital.
  • Financial statements in hospitals and medical units
  • Income statement (income and expense account)
  • Financial position statement
  • Balance analysis
  • Financial Analysis

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