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The first and most important training program for the preparation of a successful entrepreneur, where the study is conducted in this online training program through the Internet, this training program includes a set of unique training hubs that help everyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur in a scientific way

What Will I Learn?

  • The basics of entrepreneurship and the concept of entrepreneurship
  • Who is the Entrepreneur:
  • Personal characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur skills
  • Entrepreneur tools
  • Entrepreneurship Schools
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Methods of generating entrepreneurial ideas
  • The importance of information in decision making for pilot projects
  • Risk management of entrepreneurship projects
  • Success and failure factors of entrepreneurship projects
  • The management team in the entrepreneurship project
  • The accounting team in the entrepreneurship project
  • Alternatives to financing entrepreneurship projects
  • Types of financing for entrepreneurship projects
  • Factors for selecting the appropriate funding source
  • Negotiate with sources of funding
  • Plan to turn ideas into entrepreneurship projects:
  • Developing the Opportunity
  • Launching your Start-Up
  • Growth Strategies
  • Financial Management and Profitability

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