Advanced Sales Skills Course – materialdrive


This training program aims to help participants acquire the information, skills and behaviors needed to shine in sales and persuasion

This course also tackles the fundamentals of sales skills, persuasion skills, and identification of the most powerful psychological methods to build effective relationships with customers and consumers, based on loyalty and commitment, as well as detailed steps to complete the sales interview successfully.

What Will I Learn?

  • Representing roles
  • ​​Vertical selling and horizontal selling (supplementary)
  • Three levels for sale
  • Case Study: Virginia ... Beautiful Beauties
  • Case study: SUV cars
  • Case studies: Avian water, bird flu and others
  • Training in different types of sales
  • Spin Technology
  • Benefits selling
  • Fab sequence
  • Acceptance confirmation technique
  • Selling ​​Signals
  • Control your expectations
  • Selling using personal relationships
  • Communication skills and breaking the ice
  • Professional selling skills
  • Customer Search and Ranking (Arbus Theory)
  • Sales meeting
  • Follow-up after sale
  • Coaching Representation of roles: a realistic play of selling
  • Confronting client's objections and concerns

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