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If the organization seeks to achieve limited improvement, it may be achieved through the day-to-day management methods and practices, but the situation is different if the development and overall improvement of the organization’s operations are to be extended to all parts of the organization. However, a change is required in terms of the required development, ie, the need for substantial improvements to the mission of the Misson Organization as well as for its general purposes, and therefore for its detailed objectives. All this requires strategic planning, which is the means by which all the activities of the Organization can be consolidated and vertical coordination is achieved between organizational levels.

What Will I Learn?

  • Advanced Strategic Planning
  • Strategy development
  • Relationship between strategy and excellence model
  • Development of vision
  • Develop mission and guidance
  • Develop implementation mechanisms in accordance with TQM
  • Strategic planning and quality management
  • Strategic Planning Concept
  • Strategic planning and challenges of international competition
  • Characteristics of strategic planning
  • Advantages of strategic planning
  • Porter and Strategic Planning
  • Strategic planning and quality
  • Designing effective planning system
  • Steps and stages of the planning process
  • Constraints to the planning process
  • Innovative tools and means of forecasting
  • Principles of Effective Planning (Japanese Model)
  • Emergency planning (case of operation)
  • Supporting skills for strategic planning
  • Control systems
  • Information Systems
  • Effective communication systems
  • Working teams
  • Leadership of the future and strategic planning
  • Who are the managers and leaders of the future
  • The challenges of the future and preparing individuals to face them
  • Japanese experience in preparing future leaders
  • The three models to develop creative plans
  • Misconceptions in planning for the future
  • Strategic thinking and quality planning

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