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This training program aimed at informing the participants about the concepts and elements of money-laundering operations, the methods and patterns used in them, the local and international efforts to combat them, the knowledge of the international requirements and directives to combat money-laundering. The course provide the participants with the qualification and the experience that helps them to identify the processes related to money laundering and stand on the latest methods in this area and how to address the banking and legislation to reduce their risks.

What Will I Learn?

  • Definition and concept of money laundering and its objectives, its fundamentals, sources and implications.
  • Money laundering methods (traditional theory / modern theory) and the stages in which they are going through.
  • Indicators of money laundering operations for both conventional and electronic accounts and remittances, nonprofit accounts and charities.
  • Elements and stages of money-laundering.
  • The appropriate environment for the growth of money-laundering operations.
  • Some international and Arab laws and regulations related to combating money laundering.
  • Arab and international efforts to combat money laundering.
  • Obligations imposed by the money laundering system on banks, financial and banking institutions and their employees and the penalties resulting from the breach of these obligations.
  • The role of the financial investigation unit and the money laundering units in institutions and banks.
  • How to deal with cases of money laundering.
  • SAMA instructions on money laundering.
  • Banking Principles in Combating Money Laundering and Bank Confidentiality
  • The mechanism of money laundering and the study of practical cases from the reality of financial institutions and banking and how to detect cases of suspicion.
  • Preventive measures to prevent money laundering in financial and banking institutions.
  • Financial and banking components in the face of money laundering.
  • Handling suspicious cases, reporting method, and your customer know-how principle.
  • The legal responsibility of the financial and banking institutions to face money laundering and reporting duty.
  • Electronic banks and face money laundering.
  • International initiatives and cooperation to combat money-laundering, conventions, investigation, investigations and information exchange.
  • Difficulties and challenges in the face of money laundering.
  • The reasons for targeting the Gulf countries and the Arab world for money laundering.
  • Developments in the international arena after the events of 11 September 2001
  • Economic and social impacts of money laundering.
  • Methods used in money laundering.
  • Secret accounts and their impact on money laundering.
  • Banking confrontation of money laundering.
  • The relationship of money laundering operations to various crimes.
  • Drug Crimes.
  • Organized Crimes, Crimes of Counterfeiting.
  • The legislative confrontation of money-laundering operations, and the assessment of this confrontation.
  • Security efforts and their role in reducing money laundering operations internally and internationally.
  • International treaties and conventions to counter money laundering.

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