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As e-commerce has become the winning paper for the corporate sector and factories. The reality has become forcing us to change the old concepts in the advertising and marketing of products and open new markets that will promote the movement of sales and purchase and export. The Internet is in fact the largest market known history. With its low cost and ease of dealing with it, it is imperative for companies and factories to take their role in the digital revolution. This online training course is conducted through the Internet. It is called to learn how to export any products in modern ways and mechanisms.

What Will I Learn?

  • Definition and types of e-commerce.
  • Concepts and terminology of e-commerce.
  • Methods of payment, shipping and customs clearance.
  • Rules of import and export.
  • How to sell before you buy - search for products.
  • E-marketing and e-commerce.
  • Establish your own company and advertise it
  • (Video Marketing) & (Classified ads) & (Forums Marketing)) & Photo Marketing & ((E-Mail Marketing)
  • From local to global.
  • How to reach your customers abroad.
  • Engage in negotiation and customer service arts.
  • The most important papers required for import, export and shipping operations.
  • International markets (Alibaba) and others.
  • The importance of e-marketing in the service of the community (Workshop) - Campaign (Yalla Export)

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