Camp Management and Planning Course – materialdrive


This program is designed to acquaint participants with what campuses are, objectives, types and uses in the social, educational, training, extension and other fields.

The program aims to prepare the participants for the planning of the camp to serve the purpose of the camp, whether it is a training camp, an educational camp or a promotional camp, etc. The program also deals with the backward components of the camp and how it can be planned and managed.

What Will I Learn?

  • What are the camps and what are their goals?
  • Principles and functions of management in the camp
  • Organization and coordination of the camp
  • Human resources management in camps
  • Site planning, facilities, buildings and facilities
  • Committees and organizational groups in the camps
  • Administrative work in the camp:
  • Planning and management of nutrition and housing
  • Planning and managing health, security and safety in the camp
  • Planning and management of the camp's public relations
  • Planning and managing maintenance work in the camp
  • Planning and managing activities and activities in the camp
  • Camp assessment and feedback reports

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