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Do you want to reach the position of “Executive Director” in any organization or company, you must know that this job has many professional requirements, skills and knowledge, so we designed this certificate to qualify the participants in this training program to assume senior management positions, By developing the skills of the leading participants and deepening the managerial and behavioral concepts of the candidates to fill these positions. This is done through the exchange of scientific expertise to increase the ability to assume administrative responsibilities and carry out the future tasks assigned to the position of “Executive Director”. Online study through the Internet through lectures with the most qualified lecturers, administrators in the Arab world, interactive.

What Will I Learn?

  • Modern management concepts and trends
  • The overall perspective of the management process.
  • Strategic Planning .
  • Mechanisms of dealing with administrative leaders with the economic transformations of the 21st century
  • Study and analysis of problems:
  • The scientific approach to diagnosis and analysis of phenomena and administrative problems.
  • Analysis of production, marketing, environmental problems and individual problems
  •   Support and decision-making methods
  • Manufacturing and decision-making.
  • Scientific methods in decision making.
  • Design and development of information systems for decision support.
  • Financial function and control strategy
  • Financial and accounting skills for senior management members.
  • Control and internal audit.
  •  Quality Management
  • Total Quality Management.
  • Marketing function in companies
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Use quantitative methods in making marketing decisions
  • The function of human resources in companies
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Job description and identification of tasks and responsibilities for each employee
  •  Procurement function in companies
  • The nature of the purchase function and its components
  • Purchasing decision making process
  • Behavioral and leadership skills
  • Organizational development and the entry points for change.
  • Development of negotiation skills.
  • Management of business meetings
  • Time management
  • Leadership styles for managers
  • Group work and group dynamics
  • Administrative Communications

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