Conference And Event Management Course – materialdrive


This specialized training program in the management of conferences and events prepares participants  to work in the fields of organizing conferences and parties. The course provides participants with knowledge about conference and party types, arranging and organizing conference halls, buffet management, supervising the work team, public speeches and protocols in conferences and concerts.

What Will I Learn?

  • Conference and parties services
  • Conference Centers in Egypt
  • Conference activity and market and incentive tourism
  • The role of the Ministry of Tourism in promoting tourism conferences
  • The role of international organizations in conference tourism
  • Conference tourism concept
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Introduction to hospitality industry
  • Conference and party types
  • Arranging concert halls and meetings
  • Food and beverage service for parties, meetings and conferences
  • Trade fair and exhibition service
  • Party and conference furniture
  • Buffets service
  • Human element in the activities of conferences and parties
  • Technical terms used in conference and meeting activity
  • General ethics and protocol

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