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The first course which is specially directed to accountants who work in construction companies or in any accounting field related to the contracting business of all kinds. This intensive course aims to provide the participants with the necessary scientific expertise and skills to perform all the accounting processes, restrictions and accounting organization for companies and contracting operations. It is known that accounting in construction companies of a very special nature differs in different ways from the general accounting in any other field, which means that whatever your experience in the field of accounting and when moving to work in a contracting company or in the field of contracting in general, You need to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in accounting construction companies in particular.

What Will I Learn?

  • General contractors share entries
  • Revenues entry
  • Revenues in construction companies
  • Subcontractors cost accounting
  • Material costs
  • Cost accounting system in construction companies
  • Principles of financial accounting
  • Cost accounting principles
  • Achievement rate entry methods and standard cases
  • Income statement in construction company
  • Profits and losses statements
  • General accounts of contractors
  • Project cost account
  • Customer account
  • Advanced payment by customers account
  • Reserved customer guarantee account

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