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Specialized cooking for hotels program. It deals with the concept of hotel cooking, hotel kitchen utensils and equipment, hotel kitchen sections, sanitary conditions for hotel staff, different culinary styles, and other important topics.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of hotel cuisine
  • The rules and conditions of creating kitchens
  • Organizational Structure of Kitchen staff
  • The duties and responsibilities of kitchen staff
  • Hotel kitchen sections
  • Tools and equipment in the kitchen
  • Tools and equipment movable in the kitchen
  • Public health of food and beverage workerس
  • Health conditions to be observed when preparing food
  • Food Cycle
  • Methods of heat transfer
  • The importance of hotel cooking
  • Different cooking methods
  • Nutrition Overview and Food Ingredients
  • Effect of heat on food ingredients
  • Beef / Lamb Study
  • Basis and sauces
  • Standard Recipes
  • Receipt and storage of raw materials in hotels
  • Hotel main stores
  • Hotel main stores
  • Open Kitchen is a modern trend in the hotel industry
  • Food Safety and Health

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