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This online training program is designed to help participants transform ideas into projects on the ground, by formulating goals and objectives and using planning and analysis tools that make the project owner aware of market requirements and conditions.

This program provides the necessary scientific training and experience to develop and implement the work plan in three axes (administrative, marketing and financial). The program also deals with communication topics and reports and its importance in the success of the work plan.

What Will I Learn?

  • Developing and implementing business plan : administrative aspects
  • What is the business plan?
  • Different forms of business plan
  • Benefits of preparing a business plan
  • Elements and components of the business plan
  • Procedures for preparing the business plan
  • Position analysis
  • Setting business goals and strategies
  • Develop tactics, programs and operational plans
  • Writing the executive summary of the business plan
  • Practical application of the business plan
  • Percentage of business plan completion reports
  • Developing and implementing business plan : marketing aspects
  • Marketing research and its role in understanding market requirements
  • Design products and services suitable for the market
  • Competition Analysis
  • Forecasting, pricing and applying break even analysis
  • Developing and implementing business plan : Financial and accounting aspects
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance for Project Management

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