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This intensive program aims at providing participants through training and workshops to develop skills in the quality of administrative creativity and how to build a strategy of creative supervision of excellence in private and public institutions through training on a range of modern applied tools.

The course trains managers and supervisors on the basis of building innovative personality through positive thinking to develop the priorities and skills necessary by using time management, and how to overcome the organizational and social time and personal waste, which contribute to achieve quality and excellence in providing service and maintain the desired quality level.

What Will I Learn?

  • The contemporary administrative and supervisory process.
  • Build creative teams to accomplish tasks and reduce waste.
  • Creativity and innovation and its role in contemporary management.
  • Concept of quality and quality development and principles.
  • Analyzing potential errors in the application of the TQM approach.
  • Developing the skills of administrative communication and the art of dealing with others to achieve outstanding administrative performance.
  • Effective negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, reciprocal relationships and their impact on the process of direct communication, persuasion skills and influence in others.
  • Planning for priority management and prioritization setting.
  • Identify the methods of scheduling and programming priorities and identify the resources needed to achieve these priorities. Time management and priorities
  • Developing the skills of customer service and dealing with them (communication, reception, discussion and dialogue).
  • The methodology of applying TQM and continuous improvement
  • How to provide outstanding customer service.
  • How to maintain a quality system in an organization

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