Effective Marketing Plan Course – materialdrive


This program is specially designed to qualify marketing men and enable them to prepare a successful marketing plan that achieves the company’s goals. This program targets marketing staff, marketing supervisors, marketing managers, as well as individuals who wish to join one of these positions.

What Will I Learn?

  • Principles and basics of marketing
  • Marketing mix
  • The nature and role of marketing analysis
  • Marketing research and the impact of the surrounding environment
  • Purchasing Behavior (Sales Behavior)
  • consumer's behavior
  • Production strategy (products)
  • Advertising strategies and promotion
  • Distribution strategy
  • Price strategy
  • Innovation and new ideas
  • Creativity in implementing marketing plans (product - price - promotion - distribution)
  • Common Mistakes in Preparing a Marketing Plan
  • Secrets of Successful Marketing Plan
  • Workshops - brainstorming (many ideas and plans)
  • Practical cases

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