Effective Studying Methods Course – materialdrive


This program aims to provide students with the necessary skills to achieve academic excellence. The program offers a number of practical tips that can raise the level of the student and increase their ability to study.

What Will I Learn?

  • why do you study?
  • How to motivate myself to positive thinking
  • Positive learning skills and methods
  • How to organize my time between school, home, study and fun
  • The relationship between fitness and mental fitness
  • Those people should be consulted
  • Stages of study
  • Stage before lesson: How to prepare my lesson
  • Class phase: How to follow lessons
  • Home study stage: how to study lessons
  • Review phase: How to review lessons
  • Improve review methods
  • Ideas to help you solve your duties
  • How to prepare myself for exams
  • How to set myself up before exams
  • How to identify weaknesses and how to address them
  • Ideas and applications that help you to excel in learning

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