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There is no doubt that the administration is difficult and complex as it requires a wide range of tasks, processes and crucial decisions, which aim to improve the status of the Organization through the best utilization of all the elements of the administrative process, especially in light of the challenges experienced by the current society of economic conditions and Technological and political. The manager is the only person who could meet all these challenges to reach his safe haven or put his organization in the ranks of powerful international organizations capable of competition and excellence. Therefore, the scientific efforts have united and the modern international trends have become towards how to identify the qualities and skills of the successful manager. Finally, a new name has been found that expresses what is required and is the “worthy manager.” This manager enjoys three categories that depend on quality and creativity In thinking and performance and creating a positive creative work environment that helps achieve the goals and achieve the organizations success and excellence. This program is a serious attempt to clarify these techniques and techniques to acquire and develop and work on the application in the form of success.

What Will I Learn?

  • Efficient manager and leadership creativity quality
  • Efficient manager and problem solving ability
  • Efficient manager and operations improvement creativity
  • Efficient manager and interactivity
  • management and successful manager
  • Efficient manager and quality


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