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This training program acquires participants’ knowledge and skills in the field of corporate excellence model according to European standards The course also covers various TQM systems, ways to improve quality down to total quality, principles and concepts of overall quality, key performance indicators KPI’s and its relationship to quality. The course also explains the model of institutional excellence, evaluation methods and standards of institutional excellence in leadership, strategic planning, human resource management, resource management and partnerships, management and planning of key operations and support, and an overview of the most advanced ways to improve processes LEAN Management – 6 sigma.

What Will I Learn?

  • introduction
  • Terms and definitions
  • Quality system infrastructure
  • Key concepts and key differences (quality control - quality assurance - quality management system - total quality management)
  • Principles of quality management system
  • Quality improvement techniques and access to total quality
  • Principles and concepts of Total Quality Management
  • The concept of process and key performance indicators (KPI's) as an input to the overall quality application
  • Institutional Excellence Model (Principles - Assessment Methods (Radar - PDCA))
  • Standards of the model of institutional excellence include:
  • Standards of Excellence in Leadership
  • Standards of excellence in strategic planning
  • Standards of excellence in human resources management
  • Standards of excellence in resource management and partnerships (profiles of international standards for Occupational Safety and Health Management - Energy Management System - Environmental Management System)
  • Standards of excellence in the management and planning of key processes and support (for the most famous methods of improvement processes) (LEAN Management - 6 sigma)
  • Criteria for Excellence in Results (Human Resources - Customer Satisfaction - Community - Institutional Performance)
  • Institutional Excellence Awards

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