EFQM Excellence Model Course – materialdrive


This course will provide participants with the expertise and skills needed to assess the institutional performance in accordance with the EFQM model and the RADAR radar methodology

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of institutional performance
  • The concept of institutional performance management
  • Concept of measuring institutional performance
  • The concept of improving institutional performance
  • Introduction to the European Excellence Model EFQM
  • The eight main principles of the EFQM model
  • Excellence Roadmap under the EFQM model
  • RADAR methodology
  • The main and subsidiary criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model
  • The first standard: leadership
  • Standard 2: Policies and Strategies
  • Standard 3: Human Resources
  • Criterion 4: Partnership and Resources
  • Standard 5: Operations
  • Standard 6: Results of individuals
  • Standard 7: Customer Results
  • Standard 8: Group Results
  • Benchmark 9: Main Performance Results

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