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This online course is designed to provide participants with advanced skills that enable them to perform their duties and responsibilities in the field of secretarial and office management efficiently and effectively. The course includes e-secretarial training, effective communication, time management, and archiving of information in an organized and accessible manner. The course will provide the participants with the rules of human behavior in dealing with superior leaders, subordinates and clients.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept, importance and types of secretaries.
  • Modern office duties and administration
  • Modern secretaries excellence and contemporary office management.
  • Modern methods in secretarial and developing the skills of the special secretary.
  • Modern hardware, software, and office tools.
  • Organizing of office work: appointments, time, order of business according to priorities, preparation of the agenda and writing of reports.
  • Electronic Secretarial.
  • Communication skills, secretarial work pressure human behavior upscale.
  • Behavior and ethics of work environment.
  • Modern methods in office management and organization
  • Duties and responsibilities of office managers.
  • Behavioral skills related to the office manager.
  • Electronic Applications of the Executive Secretariat
  • Word program in business administration
  • Excel program in business administration
  • Internet applications in business management
  • Power Point in Business Management

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