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E-commerce has become the trump card for the corporate and manufacturing sector. Indeed, we are forced to change the old concepts in advertising and marketing of products and opening up new markets that will enhance the movement of selling, buying and exporting. The Internet is in fact the largest market in history. With its low cost and ease of dealing with it, it is imperative for companies and factories to take their role in the digital revolution. We have designed this online training program, which is an open invitation to export local products in modern ways and mechanisms. Using the Internet as a channel of communication and communication with the outside world, this excellent training program aims to teach you the mechanisms of communication with the international markets for the export of local products. Through the Internet, and how to secure your business when exporting through the Internet.

What Will I Learn?

  • E-commerce - E-markets - E-stores introduction
  • E-commerce: size - types
  • E-markets: size - types
  • E-stores: size - types
  • Selling through websites (e-store) Vs (e-market)
  • Specifications of the appropriate website
  • Choose the idea (case study)
  • preparation of the work plan
  • Customer segmentation (Buyer Persona)
  • Choose the right products: (Do not look for customers for your products, find your products for your customers)
  • Electronic payment systems and remittances from abroad
  • How to sell before you buy?
  • Affiliate Programs and Drop Shipping
  • Planning to create a website (store)
  • Create an e-shop (practical)
  • Selling through electronic markets
  • Complete purchases and storage
  • Pricing of products
  • After-sales service
  • Electronic marketing of products
  • Analyze website traffic using Google Analytics
  • Preparing a marketing plan (workshop)

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