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An online training program aimed at qualifying employees in financial and engineering departments and workers in the field of finance and investment and refining their practical experience in the preparation of economic feasibility studies as well as individuals candidates for those jobs.

What Will I Learn?

  • Project legal study and legal form
  • Project marketing study - estimated demand
  • Project technical and engineering study - Resource size and capacity
  • Project financial study -estimated costs - estimated financial statements
  • Project economic feasibility - expected returns compared to project costs
  • Project environmental study
  • Marketing study - demand size - marketing gap
  • Project target market
  • Customer behavior and desires.
  • Similar products available in the market
  • Forecasting current market demand.
  • Estimating current market gap
  • Financial and economic study - investment alternatives evaluation
  • Project total investment costs
  • Size of annual operating expenses required to meet specific production plans.
  • Size of the working capital necessary for the economic exploitation of the project resources.
  • Size of invested capital and the financing structure, depending on the equity or the various loans and sources of financing on which to rely.
  • How to calculate the elements of cash flow inside and out and reach the surplus or deficit.
  • An applied feasibility study on bases and alternatives used in the evaluation and the preparation of the study
  • Method of redemption period.
  • Net current value method.
  • Method of accounting rate of return.
  • Method of rate of return on investment.
  • The annual cost method.
  • The profitability index.

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