Financial management For managers and Businessmen Course – materialdrive


An online training course prepares you to learn about the most important accounting principles and concepts, read financial statements, objectives and functions of financial management, practical explanations of financial planning tools and methods, prepare financial statements, financial analysis tools, and how to manage financial crises successfully.

What Will I Learn?

  • Accounting principles and concepts
  • Read the financial statements .. Explanation of financial statements
  • The goal of financial management from the viewpoint of (owners, management, employees).
  • Definition of financial management functions.
  • Financial Management Decisions
  • Financing Decisions (Property Finance - Debt Finance)
  • Investment decisions
  •  Financial planning tools and methods and preparation of expected financial statements
  • Tools and methods of financial analysis to evaluate and evaluate decisions and investment and financing results.
  • Final report of financial analysis.
  • Financial analysis for forecasting and future planning
  • How to manage financial crises successfully

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