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The purpose of this training program is to educate participants about using the principles and requirements of food safety management system in institutions in accordance with ISO 22000/2005. It also aims to build the knowledge of the trainee with the basic elements of the food safety infrastructure and food supply chain. The course also aims to develop the vision, manage policies and methodologies that will improve the organization’s operations, efficiency and reduce waste and expenses.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction
  • Terms and definitions
  • Food Safety System Infrastructure
  • Standard Specifications
  • Conformity assessment
  • Accreditation
  • Metrology
  • Key concepts and major differences (food safety control - food safety assurance - food safety management system ...)
  • ISO 22000/2005 based concepts
  • Concept of (SIPOC) operation
  • Initial operating requirements (PRP, S) - OPRP, S)
  • Interactive Communications
  • structure of ISO 22000/2005
  • Food Safety Management System Requirements (8 items)
  • General Requirements - Documentation System Requirements
  • Obligation management
  • Resource management
  • Planning and delivering safe products
  • Validation, validity and improvement of food safety system

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