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This program deals with the concept of hotel cooking, the correct bases for the establishment of kitchens, define the internal sections of the hotel kitchen, the names of the functional staff of hotel kitchens, the definition of equipment and tools in the kitchen, health and safety standards in the kitchens, principals of etiquette and presentation in the kitchens and hotels.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to raise sales Up-selling technique
  • Important problems facing the restaurant - Different cases
  • Polishing service tools for the dining room
  • Methods of lifting tools (debresage) and Crumbing tables
  • Carry service tray
  • Tools used in restaurants (silver - Chinese - glassware) with how to carry dishes inside the dining hall
  • Meeting guests and taking orders
  • Brushes tablecloth and some different towel applications
  • Change the extinguisher and serve bread, butter and mineral water
  • Types of Service
  • Etiquette principles and catering protocol
  • restaurant setup and how to cover
  • The organizational structure of the employees in the restaurant, while taking up some of the functions and responsibilities of the staff in the restaurant
  • Classifications and types of restaurants and tools used in the service
  • Personal and professional skills for hotel restaurant staff
  • Supervisory skills of restaurants
  • Food and beverages in hotels
  • Definition of restaurant (design and processing)
  • General health of food staff (occupational health and safety)
  • Different cooking methods used in hotel facilities
  • Modern technology used in the kitchen
  • French terms used in kitchens
  • Service overview and characteristics
  • Fixed and movable tools and equipment used in the kitchen
  • The main and secondary sections of the hotel kitchen
  • hotel cuisine and conditions of establishing kitchens
  • The organizational structure and kitchen department staff responsibilities

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