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Based on the importance of the role of Gulf women in the management of business in the Gulf and Arab society, and in the interest of the Academy of the support of the Gulf women to make them able to assume leadership positions in companies and businesses commensurate with the leadership and the labor market in the Gulf market.

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide important leadership skills such as effective communication and motivation and solve problems that help Gulf women to be able to take leadership positions.
  • Preparing and arming Gulf women with knowledge that makes them aware of the fundamentals of management and understanding the surrounding work environment so that they are able to make effective decisions.
  • Supporting the capabilities of Gulf women so that they can supervise and run their positions smoothly.
  • Design the program based on the study and analysis of the working environment in the Gulf market, making Gulf women qualified to fill the labor market gap.
  • To provide a curriculum based on the latest global concepts in business management to suit the Gulf society and Gulf women.
  • Get a free book for the instructor entitled Effective Leadership.
  • The scientific material includes the presentation and a special booklet for each lecture.
  • Get 500 models designed to suit the Arab business market. Submitted by the Arab Forum for Human Resources Management.
  • A technical and administrative team that supports the trainee and provides services at the highest educational quality, making the trainee feel privileged since the beginning of the educational program.

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