Health, food quality and safety in hotel facilities program – materialdrive


This specialized training course on food quality and safety deals with the basics of food safety, food quality, food preservation technology, ISO 22000 standards for hotels and tourist villages, sanitary conditions for employees and other important subjects.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to food safety principles
  • Monitoring food quality and its applications
  • Food contamination and corruption - Food fraud
  • Food preservation technology
  • Application of HACCP and HACCP identification
  • ISO 22000 in hotels and tourist villages
  • Health and hygiene (workers' health)
  • Effective standards and sanitary requirements for the receipt and storage of food products
  • Health standards for running and managing places of preparation and catering
  • Cleaning and disinfection standards in hotel facilities
  • Standards for the disposal of garbage and waste preparation and production - control of pests and insects
  • Health conditions for restaurants and public kitchens
  • Hygiene and hygiene in restaurants and food and beverage outlets
  • Environment-friendly hotel facility

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