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This specialized diploma in hotel and guest houses management prepares participants to learn about hotel management, hotel types and classifications, hotel service standards, administrative levels in hotels, guesthouses, hotel organization and international standards governing the hotel’s relationship with guests. The diploma will also provide the participants with programs and applications used in hotel management and many other important topics.

What Will I Learn?

  • Overview of the hospitality industry and its components
  • The importance and characteristics of hotel industry Hotel Industry
  • Historical development of the hotel industry
  • Hotel types
  • Hotels sorts
  • Hotel rating criteria
  • Service element in hotels
  • Quality Management
  • Management Concept and Functions
  • The concept and functions of hotel management
  • The concept of the hotel and the services it provides
  • Hotel Objectives
  • Hotel Management Patterns
  • Hotel Management Levels
  • Duties and Responsibilities of GM
  • The importance of human element in the success of hotel work
  • Supply and demand of hotels
  • Hotel structure
  • The rules and instructions issued by the International Hotel Federation (IHA) which govern and regulate the relationship between the hotel and guests
  • Hotel Management Systems PMS (Computer)
  • Some of the Formulas used in hotel management
  • The contractual relationship between the hotel and the guest
  • General study on hotel sections (front office / internal supervision / sales and marketing / accounting / human resources / food & beverages / security / engineering & maintenance)
  • Investment in hotels and feasibility study
  • The development of the hotel industry in Egypt
  • Customer satisfaction and problem solving
  • Recent trends in the hotel industry

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