How to plan changing your career Workshop – materialdrive


This intensive training workshop is designed to help participants who wish to change their careers or professional specialties or those who have lost their jobs in the transition to other specializations that suit them and to know whether they are ready to change their profession, what are the signs that they know the current job is not suitable for them, The functions of these patterns, and other knowledge and experience that helps the participant to choose the profession appropriate for his personality.

What Will I Learn?

  • Experiments for people who have passed this experience and have proven superior in their new disciplines
  • What are the best areas of profession currently
  • What are the positives of this decision
  • What are the risks of this decision
  • Character patterns and their relationship to functions
  • How to plan to move to a new career safely
  • How to use your relationships to make this decision successful
  • The role of the family and friends in the success of this decision
  • You need expert advice to help you make this decision
  • Are you ready to change your career?
  • Do you have the personal qualifications to succeed in this experience
  • What are the signs that your current job is not suitable for you?

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