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The objective of this program is to qualify participants to work in the field of financial auditing and control. Through their definition of what the objectives of audit and audit. Training them in the modern methods of auditing and auditing, and introducing them to the internal controls and their functions, the criteria of selecting the external auditor and the procedures of the auditing and auditing process. In order to enable them to perform the audit and audit work efficiently.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to the concept and importance of auditing and control.
  • The theoretical and intellectual construction of the science of auditing.
  • International standards for auditing and control.
  • The internal control system as an input to the audit process and confirmation of the functioning of the organization.
  • Planning the audit process for all activities of the institution.
  • Implementation of the audit process.
  • Skills required by the auditor and the auditor.
  • The stages and steps of the audit and audit process.
  • Modern methods and methods of auditing and auditing.
  • The elements of the success of the internal control process and the review and audit of the activities of the organization.
  • Audit report.
  • Preparing internal audit reports
  • Monitor inventory, warehouses and inventory operations
  • Exercises and practical situations.

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