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The sales manager is responsible for making profits through increasing monthly and annual sales. This responsibility is achieved only by studying, analyzing and monitoring the main sales performance indicators. This program is designed to qualify participants to monitor and analyze the sales data and prepare the main sales performance indicators that qualify them to evaluate Diagnose the current situation and develop a plan to develop and increase sales. The program relies on practical situations and practical examples that help participants acquire new skills and experiences

What Will I Learn?

  • The importance of measurement and its relation to planning
  • What are the key performance indicators
  • Benefits for companies to use key performance indicators
  • The negative effects of not using the main performance indicators
  • Characteristics of key sales performance indicators
  • Uses key performance indicators in sales management
  • Key performance indicators for sales
  • Tree Performance Indicators
  • Process Status: Designing tree performance indicators for sales
  • Methodology for the development of key performance indicators of sales
  • Beneficiaries of using key performance indicators of sales
  • Practical application cases

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