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The ways of communicating with customers have changed all over the world and all companies need to change the traditional marketing methods and change the way to communicate with customers in line with digital technology and the most prominent social networking sites, so you should be ready to develop your company or your project and move to the world Marketing through social networking sites professionally through the most important courses in this field. In this course you will learn the basic steps to apply social communication technology and the basics of marketing on social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to the importance social media for business
  • Develop strategies and policies for social media channels
  • Selection, preparation and development of appropriate social media channels
  • Integration and development of social networking plans with the company's marketing objectives
  • Develop marketing plans on the platforms of social networking and the mechanism of implementation
  • Ways to write successful content on social networking platforms
  • Foundations and requirements for the preparation of marketing campaign through social media
  • The composition of the social media team? And how to distribute their tasks
  • The use of a company specialized in social networking services .. What are the tasks you will do?

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