Mass media communication and public relations Course – materialdrive


This integrated training diploma aims to develop the skills of public relations workers in line with modern trends in the practice of public relations in the modern business environment.

What Will I Learn?

  • Public relations management
  • Market study
  • Declamation art
  • Mass media introduction
  • Media campaigns planning
  • Media studies
  • Opinion and publicity science
  • Printing and publishing newspapers and magazines
  • The art of media editing
  • Media ethics
  • Managing and planning Public relations campaigns
  • Arabic editing and writing skills
  • Design and edit media messages
  • interview rules
  • work ethics
  • Crisis management in public relations
  • International Public Relations
  • Communication skills in public relations
  • The basics of photography
  • Media Sciences
  • negotiation art
  • Cooperative Training
  • Public relations theory
  • Introduction to management

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