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This course entitled “Modern Management and Leadership Methods” aims to prepare and train the participants on how to distinguish between the management methods and methods of leadership, the arts of dealing with employees and customers, and the use of different coping arts and methods of management and leadership according to attitudes.

It also shows the importance of the manager’s ability to communicate with staff and customers, time management, problem solving and conflict resolution skills, employee motivation, teamwork with clients and employees. Which is reflected on the performance of employees

Organizations need both management and leadership if they are to be effective in their operations. Leadership is necessary to achieve change and management is necessary to achieve systematic results. Management in its association with the leadership can help the organization achieve compatibility with its work environment.

What Will I Learn?

  • Leader in modern era.
  • Leader and knowledge management.
  • Leader and Crisis Management.
  • The concept and tasks of the leader.
  • The leader and Planning.
  •   Management and leadership of teamwork
  •   Modern Administrative Leadership.
  • Leadership theories.
  •   Technical skills and capabilities in modern management.
  •   Excellence and creativity in making decisions.

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