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The training program aims at providing participants with knowledge and skills related to smart driving concepts, creative leadership and interrelationships. Our focus in this training program is the best global practices in management and smart leadership not only on the quantity of information and knowledge, but also on providing expertise. And skills through a workshop for practical work and application by highlighting the most important scientific theories of smart leadership and contemporary intelligent management skills.

In light of the above, this training program and workshop combined with the latest global practices and methodologies, which combine theoretical and applied knowledge to allow participants to transfer these experiences to their workplaces. The program is designed in an integrated format of strategic management and leadership, creative and innovative management, strategic planning (advanced level), improvement of decision making capabilities, mechanisms of cooperation, communication and public speaking, public policies and modern management applications, leadership change, guidance and personal development.

What Will I Learn?

  •   Best practices and managerial and human skills.
  •   Effective implementation of best practices in leadership and strategy.
  • Leadership excellence skills in innovative thinking and management of administrative crises
  • Characteristics and skills of the contemporary leader.
  • Innovative strategic planning and institutions.
  • Best global management practices and successful business strategies.
  • Global practices in efficient and intelligent leadership competencies.


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