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The program is based on establishing the basics of marketing and professional sales by developing the marketing and selling process using effective methodologies and methods. The trainee will acquire the skills and methods required by professional marketing and sales representatives, as well as participate in interactive scenarios to master these skills. The marketing and sales course covers all stages of marketing and sales and teaches best practices in marketing and sales.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding science and art of modern selling and marketing, and the specifications of the successful seller.
  • Practice practical steps to success a sales process.
  • Personal customer styles and how to handle each style.
  • Developing the ability to plan the sales process.
  • Basics of marketing and selling.
  • Theories of marketing and selling
  • applying marketing and selling theories skills.
  • Determining the needs of customers efficiently and effectively.
  • Prepare sales reports according to standards that take into account the basics of marketing and sales.
  • Apply various sales methods to take account of audience patterns.
  • Developing presentation and declamation skills.
  • Break the barrier of fear and tension when standing in front of customers.
  • Skills of dealing effectively with customers.
  • acquire marketing skills
  • Workshop: Each trainee will present a brief presentation of a product of choice.

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