Modern styles and trends in the agile management Course – materialdrive


دليل المدرب

دليل المتدرب



باور بوينت


ملف تعريفي


The modern administration has become more flexible in terms of behavior and response to changes surrounding the organization, whether intellectual or environmental. In terms of scientific changes, the administration today is more rapid in terms of change and impact on the ideas generated by ideas, models, methods of work and others. Have become more responsive to those changes in the organization’s environment and to make appropriate and necessary changes and improvements.

What Will I Learn?

  • Concepts of leadership and modern management.
  • Effectiveness and emotional competence in the work environment.
  • Effective communication skill.
  • The concept of emotional intelligence and its elements.
  • Delegation of authority skill
  • Business Management and Emotional Intelligence Model.
  • Intelligent leadership and creative management support.
  • Total intelligence in creative leadership efficiency.


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