Multiple intelligence in Sales Course – materialdrive


This course aims to introduce participants to the theory of multiple intelligence and their applications in the field of sales management, and how to strengthen intelligence of sales representative, which leads to sales excellence and creativity.

What Will I Learn?

  • Sales concept.
  • Importance of sales to the organization.
  • Features of public relations activity.
  • Sales activities and tasks.
  • Steps and stages of sales activities.
  • Who are sales customers?
  • The concept of communication.
  • Communication elements.
  • Communication properties.
  • The concept of intelligence.
  • Measures of intelligence.
  • What is the theory of multiple intelligence?
  • Job Description and Job Specification for Sales Representative.
  • What are the necessary skills for a salesperson?
  • How can the salesperson's intelligence be measured?
  • How can I strengthen weak intelligence?
  • How can I strengthen strong intelligence?
  • The recipe for intelligence leads to excellence and creativity in sales.

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