Occupational Health and Safety Course – materialdrive


This intensive training program provide students with all the details of occupational health and safety procedures in factories and institutions.

Providing a safe working environment from various hazards and raising the level of efficiency and means of prevention will undoubtedly reduce injuries and occupational diseases, protect employees and the organization from accidents and thus, reduce the number of work hours lost due to absence and due to illness or injury, as well as reduce the costs of treatment and rehabilitation and compensation for diseases Occupational injuries and material losses, which will be reflected in improving and increasing the level of production and pushing the economic strength of the state. Therefore, we offer you this intensive training program that qualifies students to learn all the details of occupational safety and health procedures in institutions, Factories.

What Will I Learn?

  • Natural Hazards
  • Occupational health and safety - introduction
  • Radiation Hazards & Control
  • Engineering Hazards & Control
  • Chemical Hazards & Control
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Storage Safety
  • Storage Safety requirements

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