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This online training program aims at qualifying the participants on the most important rules and basics that must be practiced by everyone who has direct relationship with the patient in order to ensure the safety and safety of the patients.

The good and successful method in the safety and safety of patients is one of the most important rules and principles that must be enjoyed and dealt with by every individual who has direct relationship with the patient such as doctors, specialists, nursing, technicians and public service employees, and the safer the way it is in the satisfaction of the patient where he is The excellent safety and safety method increases the patient’s satisfaction, which in turn increases the growth of the hospital, increases imports and increases the number of patients in the hospital, according to the international regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Hospital Accreditation Authority (JCI) Health in most countries.

What Will I Learn?

  • Patient safety and security policies
  • What are the different medical faults?
  • Risk analysis in the work environment
  • International objectives in patient safety and security
  • Hospital accreditation criteria for patients' safety and security.
  • Maintaining safe and healthy environment of patients.
  • Patient safety in hospital - implementation model

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