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This online training course is designed specifically to assist lecturers and trainers to be fully qualified to design and prepare integrated training packages for their training programs.

The design of training packages is one of the most important training topics sought by the training officials and the professional trainers in their fields.

Training is no longer based on the training material. The modern professional training depends on a number of different tools which together are considered the training package of the program. It includes all the equipment, tools and training materials designed for the success of the training process. This program is designed to make you qualified to design and prepare the integrated training package for the training programs you provide or supervise.

What Will I Learn?

  • Principles of preparing training packages
  • Training Package term
  • Basic contents of training packages
  • Integrated approach to the training process.
  • Training Package’s Tools .
  • Stages of building the training bag.
  • Technical techniques in designing training packages
  • Evaluation skills and feedback in designing training training packages
  • Presenting trainers projects

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