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Cost accounting is defined as a set of concepts, principles, accounting theories, technical and organizational methods and procedures used to measure the cost of the productive unit (commodity or service), cost control and contribution to planning and decision making in the accounting unit by tracking, expenses and final products, and persons responsible in the organizational structure of the accounting unit.

This course aims at introducing participants to the concepts, principles and frameworks of cost accounting, and qualifying the participant to become a professional cost.

What Will I Learn?

  • Cost - based system
  • Product Lifecycle Cost System
  • production stages costs system
  • Cost collection systems
  • Production orders costs system
  • Costs classifications
  • Basic concepts of cost accounting
  • Indirect cost distribution systems
  • Total cost theory
  • Variable costs theory
  • Measuring the cost of common and secondary products (eg petroleum products)
  • Distribution of indirect costs and handling of loading differences
  • Distribution of costs of service centers to production centers

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