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The work in the field of digital marketing is currently one of the most important areas and the most sought after in companies and institutions in recent times due to the awareness of companies on the importance of this area in marketing products and communicate with customers in a better and faster way to increase the number of people using smart devices and the internet in their daily lives. At present, employers are looking for people with digital marketing skills and are qualified with accredited courses that demonstrate their competence and their full understanding of the digital marketing process and is presented in this professional course with practical application of the main axes of the course.

What Will I Learn?

  • Digital marketing definitions and its most important tools
  • Marketing through the website and smart phone applications
  • Establishment of the website on the basis of WSI conversion engineering
  • The 8 steps to attract customers and increase traffic to your website
  • The seven basic pages are always online
  • The mechanism of linking the site to the social networks
  • Check the mechanism of the website and review the performance
  • Modern website design
  • Marketing through digital advertising (workshop)
  • Set up a search campaign on Google
  • Create an online advertising page and how to design digital banners
  • Search keywords and search tools
  • Campaign management process on Google
  • Campaign reports and analytical reports
  • Email marketing (workshop)
  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Setting up an email marketing campaign
  • Setting up an e-mail marketing system
  • Create a successful email campaign template - Write successful content and how to engage the customer to take steps through the campaign
  • Chain of e-mail marketing campaigns - Campaign reports and data analysis

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