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This online training course will help you acquire the needed skills to make successful job interviews and improve their outcomes.

Job interviews are one of the most important tools upon which managers, supervisors and recruitment officials rely to obtain the most appropriate employee. Therefore, companies are interested in training recruitment officials and individuals involved in conducting job interviews in order to provide them with the necessary expertise and skills to make job interviews successful and improve their outputs.

The failure of companies to interview successful employment means more attrition in expenditure and resources and higher turnover rates.

What Will I Learn?

  • Planning for recruitment process
  • Steps of the recruitment process
  • recruitment interviews in the recruitment process
  • Job Interview Goals
  • Preparation of employment interviews
  • How to define functional requirements
  • Preparation of the plan and budget of the workforce
  • Methods of recruiting candidates
  • Employment sources
  • Ways to attract candidates
  • How to sort candidates
  • Job Tests
  • Methods of establishing employment policy and procedures
  • Employment Interview Types
  • Important factors for successful job interviews
  • Skills of reading, understanding, analyzing and discussing the CV
  • Job description cards and their relation to employment interviews
  • Selection of Professional Recruitment Application
  • Success factors of the interview and the atmosphere of the place of interview
  • Common Mistakes in Employment Interviews
  • How to set up entry program for the new employee


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