Professional Marketing Diploma – materialdrive


This Diploma is specially designed to qualify those wishing to work in marketing as one of the most sought after fields in the field of employment. This diploma offers trainees the scientific qualification and practical experience that makes them professional marketers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Marketing concepts
  • The stages of marketing development
  • Marketing short sight
  • Palace of marketing
  • Choose marketing mix
  • The marketing environment and its factors
  • What is the market
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market segmentation
  • Consumer markets
  • Stages of purchasing decision
  • Factors affecting the consumer market
  • Marketing research
  • What are new goods?
  • Reasons and stages of development of the new commodity
  • Reasons for the success or failure of the new item
  • What is service?
  • Classification of materials and their properties
  • Color psychology
  • Effect of numbers on purchase decisions

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