Protocol and Etiquette for VIP office managers Course – materialdrive


This online training program aims to introduce the basic principles of protocol, etiquette, and training on how to deal with different situations that require familiarity with the rules of courtesies and arbitration in multicultural societies and how to deal with VIPs.

What Will I Learn?

  • Protocol and etiquette definition.
  • Principles of protocol
  • Concepts and components of personality.
  • Methods of human thinking in solving the problems of protocol and etiquette and dealing with VIPs
  • Effective communication skills for protocol work
  • Skills of dealing with different types of human beings within the context of different cultures.
  • Methods of dealing with VIPs
  • Characteristics of VIP behavior.
  • Different types of protocols
  • The rules governing the art of ceremonies and legislation.
  • Forward invitations and arrange tables.
  • Protocol of VIP visits.
  • Organizing VIP meetings and press conferences.
  • Rules and social etiquette of VIPs
  • VIP phone calls etiquette.
  • Etiquette rules for e-mail and Internet use.
  • Ethics of protocols and etiquette
  • Compliance with work ethic and protocol concepts

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