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The activity of public relations departments has a significant impact on other activities in an organization and is also affected. Therefore, the public relations department must be in close contact with the senior management of the institution. Therefore, any organization that wants to make the most of the public relations activity must first organize and structure the public relations department, which qualifies it to carry out its assigned role.

This integrated training course aimed at qualifying the public relations staff on how to organize and structure the public relations department to perform their assigned role professionally.

What Will I Learn?

  • Concepts of public relations and public opinion
  • Management of public relations.
  • The personal and technical characteristics and qualifications of the public relations staff
  • PR organizational structure
  • Organizing public relations management within the institution
  • Factors influencing the selection of PR department.
  • The organizational functions of public relations to improve the relationship with both the internal and external public of the enterprise.
  • Planning tasks for public relations activities.
  • The practical application of planning to face an emergency crisis in the institution
  • Communication and public relations functions.
  • The functions of communication with dignitaries and necessary for the work of ceremonies and legislation.
  • The tasks of improving public and external public opinion to improve the mental image of the institution.
  • Identify the various rules of social etiquette.
  • Identify the basics of preparation and arrangement of banqueting, formal parties, meetings, conferences and the basis of dealing and precedence on the occasions of signing contracts.

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