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دليل المدرب

دليل المتدرب



باور بوينت


ملف تعريفي


The first specialized training program to qualify Gulf women for human resources jobs. The program is based on an academic basis that is appropriate to the personality of Gulf women and is provided through the Internet to provide full support for Gulf women to take up positions in human resources departments and departments.

What Will I Learn?

  • Supporting the capabilities of Gulf women to be able to lead human resources management
  • Provide a curriculum based on the latest global concepts in business management
  • Provide the most important skills that help Gulf women
  • Get the coach free book entitled Effective Functional Analysis
  • Design a program based on study and analysis of the working environment in the GCC market
  • A technical and administrative team that supports the trainee and provides services of the highest quality
  • Get 500 models designed to suit the Arab business market


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