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This training program is designed to prepare internal auditors. The program offers an advanced level of expertise and skills in this important discipline. The participants in this program acquire the skills and experience necessary to work as internal quality auditors as well as their personal qualification to provide them with the necessary features of the internal auditor’s personality.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction
  • Terms and definitions
  • Quality system infrastructure
  • Key concepts and key differences (quality control - quality assurance - quality management system)
  • Principles of quality management system
  • Quality management system requirements include:
  • Domain and general requirements
  • Documentation requirements
  • Senior Management Responsibilities
  • Resource Management (Human - Infrastructure - Work Environment)
  • Product - Service (Quality Plans - Customer Operations - Design and Development - Procurement - Product or Service Achievement - Monitoring of Measuring and Indicating Devices)
  • Measurement - Analysis - Optimization
  • The requirements of ISO 19011 for audits and preparation of internal auditors for quality include:
  • Types and depths of quality reviews
  • Preparation of audit plans and determinants
  • Set up checklists
  • Stages and Activities of Quality Reviews (Phase I - Phase II)
  • Preparation of the second phase quality review program
  • Method and rules for implementation of review stages
  • Write the review report
  • Writing and drafting corrective action requests (CARS)
  • Follow-up of corrective actions (CARS)
  • Qualifications and qualities of professional quality references
  • Application cases suitable for specialized auditors (quality - environment - occupational safety and health) and can be integrated if the same auditors are assigned to all systems

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