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This course will deal with the best practices of administrative excellence, the concept of total quality, analysis of the causes of work problems, administrative planning skills, the concept of effective supervision, delegation of authority, problem solving and taking decisions. Decisions, employee motivation, effective meeting management and time management skills. It will also present the latest approaches, knowledge, managerial and supervisory skills necessary to manage excellence in the institution, and address the importance of using modern technology in the planning and organization of the programs and projects of the institution. Euromatic seeks through this training program to raise the professional competencies of its employees and develop their expertise in the policies of excellence and quality in all From the public and private sectors.

What Will I Learn?

  • Excellence and its impact on entrepreneurship.
  • Methods of analytical thinking and its impact on administrative performance.
  • Quality of Excellence in Administrative Performance.
  • Organizational skills of professional leaders.
  • Excellence in managing priorities and business dynamism.


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