Real Estate Marketing And Sales Diploma – materialdrive


This online training program aims to develop the skills of real estate marketing professionals or those who want to break into this huge and profitable field. The focus is through practical exercises, practical applications and workshops on advertising planning skills, customer communication, negotiation and personal sales. 

What Will I Learn?

  • Marketing from a business and real estate perspective
  • Role of marketing in real estate companies
  • Specialized real estate terminology
  • Real Estate Marketing Mix
  • Different properties of real state
  • Factors Affecting Real Estate Pricing
  • Real Estate Pricing Policies
  • Real Estate Promotion
  • Planning for real estate ad campaigns
  • Real Estate Promotions
  • Personal selling skills in real estate
  • Stages of the five sales process
  • Golden rules in sales offers
  • Negotiation of sales offers
  • Respond to customer objections and questions
  • Expanding real estate activities and services

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